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22 Struggles That Are Way, Way Too Real For Anyone With A Unique Name

Ignoring the wiggly red line under your name in Microsoft Word.

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10. And arming yourself against the inevitable laughter after a substitute teacher pronounces your name wrong in class.

When the substitute would say it wrong & the class would laugh so I'd play it off & laugh too #GrowingUpWithMyName


15. And a new way to spell your name every time you receive a birthday card.

when your dad spells your name wrong on your birthday card ❤️

"Ah, so I'm 'Jennymoo' today. Awesome."


18. Perfecting the "I'm totally not bothered" look when the teacher says they're "not even going to try" to pronounce your name.

#GrowingUpWithMyName "Sally" "Here!" "Becky" "Here" ".....Oh boy.. um, woo.. I know I'm going to get this wrong" Me:

Even though it does kinda hurt a little bit.

20. Calmly accepting the fact you'll have to repeat yourself at least three times whenever you introduce yourself.

Comedy Central

"It's Gena-mour." "What?" "Gena-mour." "What?!" "You know what, just call me Gena."