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23 Tweets To Send Your Best Friend Immediately

Only your BFF will understand.

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1. When your BFF proves they'll always have your back, no matter how weird the situation is.

2. When your deep, meaningful chats end in tears about each other's greatness.

When you and your best friend start venting and talking about how much y'all love and appreciate each other

3. When they're willing to go the extra mile to make sure you look good.

That "make sure ya bitch looks good in every photo" typa friendship

4. When you're a terrible influence on each other.

When you're walking down a hall and walk past your best friends class

5. When your best friend gets a new "best friend".

when your best friend gets a boyfriend

6. So you have to go to extreme lengths to ensure your position.

7. When you both hate the exact same people.

When you & your best friend both wishing a bitch would

8. When you just get each other.

9. And your minds are scarily in sync.

10. When your relationship is 99% jokes.

When you and your Bestfriend can never be serious

11. When one of you momentarily betrays the other.

when your bestfriend makes plans with someone else

12. And you have to fight back the pettiness.

when your best friend makes a new really close friend

13. When you and your bestie make an entrance.

me walking into a nail salon with my bestie to get mani pedis even though we didn't make a reservation.

14. When you'll do anything for them, even the most ridiculous things.

15. When each of you embodies the phrase "ride or die".

when you're trained to go for your bestfriend

16. When your best friend is the only one you can truly be your ugliest self with.

17. And pretty much all your texts look like this.

18. When your friendship is completely judgement-free.

when you see your bestfriend being a hoe but that's your bestfriend

19. When you live for the juicy moments only a BFF gets to hear.

20. When they're happy to support all your petty plans.

When your best friend helps you come up with the Ultimate petty plan and it works

21. So you don't mind too much when they take advantage of your trash moments.

when u look like trash and ur bestfriend tries to take selfies of u to put on snapchat

22. When no argument is enough to stop you being a good friend.

when ur best friend pisses you off but it's her birthday so u still gotta come thru

23. Because no matter what, you know your best friend is an absolute blessing.