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    Updated on Nov 17, 2019. Posted on Nov 27, 2017

    19 Jokes That Prove Tumblr Is The Funniest When It Comes To Periods

    "Am I wet? Am I on my period? Did I pee my pants?- next on wtf is going on down there."

    1. This tale from Victorian times.

    2. This delightful set of period puns.

    3. This way too common occurrence.

    4. This legitimate criticism.

    5. This unique way of coping with cramps.

    6. This semi-reality check.

    7. This boyfriend's explanation.

    8. This ridiculous chain of comments.

    9. This savage comeback.

    10. This valid question.

    11. This cunning period trick.

    12. This accurate reaction face.

    13. And this even more accurate response.

    14. This sudden explanation.

    15. This Harry Potter reference.

    16. This genuinely good idea.

    17. This proof that there's never enough time between periods.

    18. This secret.

    19. And of course, the most accurate post ever:

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