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    21 Pictures That Will Make People With Siblings Say "Me"

    When you say you're gonna go take a shower and your sibling says "no i'm gonna shower first."

    1. When agreeing on a channel is way too difficult.

    2. So you guard the remote with your life.

    3. When your anger is a little premature.

    4. And when it's perfectly justified.

    5. When you narrowly miss a bullet.

    6. And you're forced to keep your cool in the face of guilt.

    7. When you and your siblings have very different ideas of what "barely touched you" means.

    8. Because sometimes you do way more harm than you intended.

    9. When having a sibling turns out to be really, really handy.

    10. And other times, it's absolutely not.

    11. When the front seat is the prime position.

    12. And the bathroom is a constant source of conflict.

    13. When you're forced to share with your sibling.

    14. Or you're tired of sharing, and just want some food to yourself FOR ONCE.

    15. When petty becomes your middle name.

    16. Because arguments with your siblings are some of the most savage on the planet.

    17. When this is an everyday conversation.

    18. When you have to be sneaky and pray you don't get caught.

    19. When an opportunity is way too good to pass by.

    20. When "making up" is the worst thing in the world.

    21. And when, no matter what you do, you'll always be there when they need you.

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    Because that's your sibling, after all.

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