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19 Times Snapchat Was A Goddamn Gift To 2016

When the apocalypse comes to claim us all, at least we'll still have the 10-second memories.

1. When it offered the opportunity to try out some theories.

2. When it gave us this very important dog saga.

3. When it promoted independence and self-care.

4. When it taught us the dangers of snapchatting your food.

Never try stunt what you have for the snapchat

5. Because it only ever ends in disaster.

6. When it was the ideal place to share a prank.

7. When it gave us the gift of the flower crown.

8. When it promoted alternative parenting techniques.

9. When face swap haunted our dreams not once...

10. ...not twice...

11. ...but several times.

12. When it was the best way to record random sightings...

13. ...no matter how weird or ridiculous.

14. When it was beautifully inspiring.

15. When it supported your passive-aggressive ways.

16. And it supported variety and difference.

17. When some things were just way too good to be true.

18. When it was a safe space to share your biggest fuck-ups.

19. And when it was arguably the most creative app ever.

Spent 4 hours, stayed up to 3am drawing Disney films using snapchat filters so... hope y'all enjoy it.

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