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    19 Times Makeup Addicts Were Too Damn Funny On Tumblr

    [cries but also keeps eyeliner intact]

    1. This entertainingly accurate makeup look.

    2. This plain and simple response.

    3. This hilarious question.

    4. This unfortunate picture line-up.

    5. This moment every makeup addict has.

    6. This incredible ongoing joke.

    7. This awkward interruption.

    8. This phenomenal burn.

    9. This somewhat inaccurate compliment.

    10. This tense conversation.

    11. This Jeremy Renner appreciation.

    12. This evidence of how out of control beauty hacks can actually get.

    13. This classic pun.

    14. This stellar piece of advice.

    15. This lipstick observation.

    16. This important correction.

    17. This total injustice.

    18. This impressive skill.

    19. And this exposure of the real lies.