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27 Times Makeup Addicts Were A Gift To 2016

"Get you a girl that's into makeup. It's like having two girls except one of 'em kinda ugly."

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1. When they were way too real about Sephora.

2. When they perfectly summed up the eyeliner struggle.

3. When they dispelled makeup myths.

4. And appreciated the magical beauty in everything.

5. When they were honest about their flaws.

6. When they made their priorities very clear.

7. When this moment was all too familiar.

8. When this was you EVERY TIME.

9. When they refused to listen to instructions.

10. Which, tbh, is pretty much all of us.

11. When they revealed liquid liner as the enemy.

12. When they depicted this furious moment.

when u already sat down to do ur makeup and u forgot to wet ur beauty blender

13. And this confused look.

14. When they helped manage expectations.

15. When they showed the power of a good makeover.

16. When they made this joke.

17. When this unfortunate incident occurred.

18. And this mortifying moment was brought up.

19. When they summed up your spending habits.

"I need money for makeup" "How much?"

20. When boredom was taken to new levels.

21. When they spotted the start of something good.

22. When this was a look we all know too well.

23. And this was pretty much you.

24. When they acknowledged the struggle for anyone uninterested in makeup.

25. When this statement was beautifully said.

26. When they proved themselves to be the most innovative people of all.

27. And when, no matter what, they were always, always honest.

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