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22 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Jewellery

You take your allegiance to either gold or silver jewellery very seriously.

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1. Ever since you were young you've had a love for the shinier things in life.


2. And due to your ever-growing collection of jewellery, you could be described as a bit of a magpie.

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3. You've been through a stage of wearing way too many bracelets.

4. As well as a "big hoops" phase.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Michael Buckner / Getty Images
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5. Every few months, your obsession shifts from rings to necklaces to bracelets and back again.


6. And you take your allegiance to either gold or silver jewellery very seriously.

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"I'm just a silver person, gold just doesn't suit me."

7. You spend way too much time (and money) shopping online for new pieces.


8. Because places like Etsy were pretty much made and designed for all your jewellery needs.

They're basically enablers.

They're basically enablers.

9. You've fantasised about starting a jewellery making course and designing your own jewellery.

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You probably wouldn't feel as bad buying so much if you were making your own.

10. And you've even attempted a little go at it.

11. You've tried and tested several different methods of storing your jewellery.

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12. But, more often than not, it just ends up in a mess.

13. Which results in a lot of time untangling necklaces.

14. Going out without any jewellery on makes you feel naked.


15. And packing your jewellery for a trip away is always a nightmare.

I literally have 3 tictac containers full of jewelry for my trip. I pack way too much.

16. You regularly match your jewellery to your outfit.

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17. And you know the difference between everyday jewellery, situational jewellery, and occasion jewellery.


Everyday jewellery is the stuff you wear all the time, situational jewellery depends on what you're doing or wearing, and occasion jewellery depends on where you're going.

18. There's nothing more beautiful than a freshly organised collection.

Instagram: @hivesandhoneybrand

19. You're more excited by a jewellery sale than a clothes sale.


20. And you've lost count of the amount of earrings you have.

Do you ever think you may have too many earrings? Yeah, neither do I

21. Even though you own way more jewellery than the average person, there are still moments where you feel like you don't have ANY.


22. Because, of course, you can never have too much jewellery.

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And you wouldn't give up the shiny life for the world.