24 Things You'll Understand If You're Low-Key Competitive

    Life is a contest and I'm in it to win it.

    1. In general, you'd say you're quite a chill person.

    2. But there are certain moments when the competitive monster inside you starts to show.

    3. You can't play a game of Monopoly without wanting to flip the table.

    4. And playing games like Uno with you is a recipe for disaster.

    5. On the outside, it looks like you're totally fine with losing.

    6. But on the inside, you're like:

    7. And when you win something, you pretend to be super modest to hide your absolute smugness.

    8. Since you're not openly competitive, you're generally underestimated.

    9. Which is actually great because you LOVE proving people wrong and beating the fuck out of everyone.

    10. You secretly compete with people when they're not even aware of it.

    11. Even when you're taking part in something as innocent as rock, paper, scissors, you're in it to win it.

    12. You're not the biggest fan of playing in teams because there's always someone who isn't serious enough about winning.

    13. And no matter how hard you try not to get worked up over a game, you find yourself desperate to take out the other team.

    14. You hate being bad at things because it means you'll spend the next few weeks obsessing over how to be the best at it.

    15. You're very serious about pub quizzes and trivia.

    16. And you have to apologise before any kind of game night.

    17. One of your most used phrases is "what's your high score?"

    18. And this is probably you at every wedding:

    19. You rarely ask people their grades, but you're always dying to know.

    20. And you hate when people get upset for getting an average grade, even when you've been guilty of doing the same.

    21. You take great pleasure in beating the estimated arrival time on your sat nav.

    Does anyone else try to beat the gps

    22. You sometimes have to avoid competitive situations altogether because you know when it's on, it's ON.

    23. And playing any games with children is completely out of the question because you refuse to go lightly on them.

    24. But your competitiveness is never more clear than when your team loses.