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23 Things You'll Only Understand If You're The Mum Of Your Friend Group

No matter how drunk you get, you're still the responsible one that makes sure everyone's OK.

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8. Your bag is part pharmacy, part jumble sale, and is the size of a small child because of it.

I have everything apart from school stuff in my school bag


9. Which means your friends can count on you to have painkillers, chewing gum, or hand lotion at any given point.

So my bag is basically a pharmacy...

Maybe even snacks too.


14. Some of your hobbies might not be considered the ~coolest~.

A Fraser Lonesome, kitty cuddles, knitting kinda night! #VGA #CowichanWool

16. It's an automatic response for you to say "text me when you get home!" when you part from someone.

@sonnyharrison_ @markmccarthyy Why am I such a Mum 😭


17. You prefer a night in with a glass of wine than a night out with some watered-down vodka shots.

when everyone else at school is out partying... I'm getting drunk with my cat


21. Because, of course, it's very important to get a good amount of sleep.