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    23 Things You'll Only Know If You're A Girl With Size 9 Feet

    Or 11 in the US. Or 43 in Europe. Wherever you are, it's a struggle.

    1. Every shop seems to have a personal vendetta against you.

    2. Because they all seem to think that women’s shoe sizes stop at a size 8.

    And if they're really taking the piss, a size 7.

    3. You’re no stranger to buying men’s shoes.


    4. And the sacred section where your shoe size belongs always looks bare in comparison to the rest.

    So much choice at T.K.Maxx #bigfeetproblems

    5. You regularly think about how women with size 8 feet don’t realise how lucky they are.


    They JUST made it into the "regular shoe size" club.

    6. Activities like bowling and ice skating were always a pain when you were growing up because you never wanted to say your shoe size out loud.

    7. Whenever you try to squeeze your feet into a shoe you know is too small, you immediately regret it.

    Disney Channel

    8. You've owned several pairs of these shoes in your lifetime:

    9. You have a special place in your heart for any brands whose shoes come up big, so you can get away with saying you’re a size 8.

    Universal Pictures

    10. Because you’ve definitely lied about your real shoe size a couple of times before.


    11. The first thing you do when you see a woman with small feet is imagine what your life would be like if you had small feet too.

    The CW

    **sighs** It must be so much easier.

    12. And you sympathise with the struggles of your small-footed friends, but can't get over the obvious advantage of being able to buy junior sizes.


    When you had to stop buying juniors when you were about 9.

    13. You can never borrow any of your girlfriends' shoes.

    14. Someone has inevitably made fun of the size of your feet at some point in your life.

    Twitter: @jsoul___

    Flippers, clown feet – you've heard them all.

    15. You've asked if your feet look big in a pair of shoes before.


    16. And you've actually been happy when someone's said your feet look tiny.


    17. There are certain shoes you have to stay away from because they just exacerbate your long-footed problem.


    18. You can never pack efficiently because your shoes always take up too much space in your bag.


    19. You’ve had this problem at least once in your life:

    My sock felt a little funny and OH that's why. #bigfeetproblems

    Your feet can basically break through anything.

    20. And there is no phrase you hate more than "one size fits all" when it comes to your feet.

    21. On the one hand, you’re aware you can’t complain too much, because if it’s hard for you at a size 9, you have no idea how hard it must be for women with bigger-sized feet.

    22. But either way, the life of any woman with feet larger than a size 8 is not an easy one.


    23. And it's an incredibly therapeutic experience when you actually find someone with the same shoe size as you.


    Because those people are the only ones who truly understand your pain.

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