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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Worked As A Student Caller

"So with that being said, I was wondering if you'd like to donate t-...hello?"

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2. And when you first started, you clung to that call script like it was your own child.

"How am I supposed to make a call if I don't know what to say?"


5. The office is always considerably grey and a little bit miserable-looking.

Just starting my shift in student call center to chat with applicants about our wonderful college! Stay tuned.


9. The best thing about getting a donation is knowing it takes the pressure off of you to get another one for at least twenty minutes.

Oh, and the fact you get to write your name on the board.


14. But the copious amounts of tea and snacks are a great perk of the job.

As well as the little games you play to keep everyone ~inspired~.

15. Calling actually makes you an excellent multitasker.

You learn how to call, do homework, AND piss about with your friends, all at the same time.


19. And besides the money, the best thing about student calling is the new friends you make along the way.