13 Things Women Can Finally Buy, And 13 Things They Still Can't Because Men


    1. These binoculars, so you may finally see what the rest of the world does.

    2. But I hope you had no plans to clip your toenails any time soon because you can kiss that dream goodbye.

    3. This Ouija board, so you may contact the other side with glitter and pixie dust.

    4. But you may NOT buy this lip balm. This is a MAN'S lip balm.

    5. These earplugs so you can drown out the sound of your own complaining.

    6. But I hope you don't have a cold because there are no tissues for you, my friend.

    7. This cookbook complete with recipes made just for you!

    8. But don't even think about cooking any of them in this pan. This ain't for you.

    9. This gum. No, not the top one, only the bottom, raspberry-flavoured one.

    10. And definitely only the bottom line of these ice creams.

    11. This pretty women's muesli bar!

    12. But absolutely not this macho man dip.

    13. This delicious meal of salmon fillets. Yummy.

    14. But sadly not this delicious prime rib, for your dainty mouth may choke on it.

    15. These super sparkly tools that every woman nationwide has been waiting for.

    16. But hang up some clothes? Not with this hanger, you don't.

    17. This edition of the Bible.

    18. And absolutely NOT this one.

    19. This exciting game created for all the ladies out there.

    20. Even if they're not allowed to brush their teeth with this toothpaste.

    LADIES do NOT buy this! This is for MEN. The peppermint is TOO powerful for our fragile feminine teeth & lady mouths

    21. This perfectly delicious lady beverage.

    22. Which will hopefully make up for the fact you can't drink this "manmosa".

    23. This hardware set, perfect for your feeble lady fingers.

    24. But not this fabric softener. Only men who play sport can use this.

    25. These lady golf balls. Round and pink, just how you like 'em.

    26. But unfortunately, not these dude wipes. Wipe your butt with something else.

    "I just wish there were butt wipes perfectly tailored to the male buttocks"

    I guess we still have a way to go.