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19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Hate People

When a stranger looks as if they're about to sit next to you on public transport...and then they don't.

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1. When someone cancels a plan you didn't want to have in the first place.

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2. When you have your headphones in and people actually take the hint not to disturb you.

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3. When you know someone well enough not to have to force awkward small talk during silence.

Because there's nothing worse than forced social interaction.
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Because there's nothing worse than forced social interaction.

4. When a stranger looks as if they're about to sit next to you on public transport and then they don't.

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5. When you see someone you know on the journey to or from work and you both silently and mutually agree to leave each other the fuck alone.

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Because everyone just wants some quiet time to think about how much they'd rather be in bed.

6. When you find someone who hates the party as much as you do.


7. When everyone actually pulls their weight in a group project.


Note: this almost never happens.

8. When you're at the coffee machine with a colleague and they don't insist on asking you about your weekend.

9. When you make it through an entire plane journey without the person in front of you putting their seat down and fucking up your leg space.

10. When you order a plate of food and nobody asks for a bite.


Usually because they don't have a chance to.

11. When you've abandoned your phone for several hours and, by some small miracle, have no notifications.

Phone on Do Not Disturb. No Notifications. Perfect ☺️

12. When someone says they "won't keep you long" on a phone conversation and they actually mean it.


13. When you get to stay in on a Friday night without anyone questioning your life choices.


14. And when people accept your shitty, rather vague excuses as to why you can't come out and socialise.


15. When the person you can't be bothered to talk to avoids eye contact first so you don't have to.

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16. And when pretending you're way too busy on the phone to be disturbed actually works.

When u see your ex in public and you all alone

17. When you finally get to release the eye roll you've been holding in all day.

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18. When you find someone who hates people as much as you do.


19. And they completely understand your daily struggle.


Accept me as I am. Or don't. Whatever.