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22 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been On Holiday With Your Mum

"Mum, I love you, but please stop talking."

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5. But if you spend the day on the beach or by the pool, she'll spend the majority of it asleep.

my mom comes all the way from mass to visit me (aka sleep on the beach)

7. She'll ask you to take several pictures of her in front of various landmarks, so she can put them on Facebook.

Sun Brockie / Flickr: newyork808

Because when she tries to take them on her own, she ends up cutting out half her face.

8. And you'll never cease to be amazed by how terrible her own photography is.

"Hey mom take a picture of me in front of the castle" 😶


18. You have no problem sitting in silence with each other.

19. And you'll relish the fact you know each other so well because it means you never have to pretend to be "cool".

Being ugly with my mom 💀😈😜 #RockabillyWeekend

She accepts you for you, which makes her the ideal holiday companion.