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19 Things Every Slightly Awful Makeup Addict Knows To Be True

*avoids cleaning my brushes forever*

1. You love makeup just as much as the next person.

2. But let's just say you're pretty chill about the whole thing.

3. Because while everyone else seems to have their makeup perfectly stored and organised...

4. ...yours is all over the place.

5. You'll do anything to avoid washing your brushes.

Hate washing my brushes thank got for nieces 😛

You're only slightly ashamed about how long it's been since they've touched clean water.

6. And you've even contemplated buying new ones just so you don't have to go through the gruelling task again.

7. You’re not afraid to cut corners.

8. And since you never seem to have the right utensils at hand, you're an excellent improviser.

9. You appreciate the beauty of makeup tutorials, but give up half way through because you never have any of the products.

10. You have a tendency to buy a ton of makeup and never wear it.

11. In fact, you pretty much wear the same few things every day because you can't deal with the effort.

12. Which means your makeup bag probably looks like this:

13. For someone who calls themselves a makeup addict, you have way more makeup disasters than triumphs.

14. Like eyeliner, for example.

15. And for someone who has so much knowledge, you would think you’d be better at certain makeup practices.

16. You sometimes get even the simplest things wrong.

17. And when it comes to embarrassing beauty moments, you’ve experienced plenty.

18. But despite not being "perfect" at makeup, your love for it remains.

19. And no matter what, you'll be a lover of makeup for life.