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    23 Things That Are Impossible To Forget After Going To A Girls' School

    "Does anyone have any clear nail polish? I just ripped my tights."

    1. Having to wear these "sensible school shoes".

    Stampede Shoes

    2. Or these ballet pumps when you got a bit older.

    Marks & Spencer

    You probably went through about seven pairs during your time at school.

    3. Wearing a uniform in the ugliest version of any primary colour.

    Gena-mour Barrett

    4. These makeshift PE bags:

    nubesyclaros / Via

    5. Learning everything about sex from the first person to lose their virginity.


    6. And knowing the details of everyone's sex lives.


    Or lack thereof.

    7. Rolling your school skirt up because the uniform policy called for it to basically be at your ankles.


    8. Having a love-hate relationship with the boys' school nearby.

    Channel 4

    9. Adjusting your tights in the middle of the corridor or during class.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

    10. And putting clear nail polish on the holes in your tights to stop them ripping even more.

    Praetexto / Via

    No one knows who invented this trick, but everyone did it.

    11. Having the most intense period chats.


    It was nice to know you weren't alone.

    12. Performing a successfully shady "pad deal".

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    13. Wearing thick, wooly tights for 6 months of the year because you never wanted to shave.

    14. Having no such thing as TMI.


    15. Finding girls crying in the toilets.


    And always finding the right words to say.

    16. Gossiping about the most mindless shit and yet still being incredibly riveted.

    Paramount Pictures

    17. And finding literally anything to bitch about.


    It's less about being mean and more about it being a bonding activity/past time.

    18. Everyone finding that one male teacher weirdly good looking.

    Paramount Pictures

    19. Seeing the first person bring their boyfriend to school.


    20. Covering your jewellery for PE.

    21. Having a cute but slightly impractical school handbag.

    In the same style as 50% of the other girls at your school.

    22. Taking these kind of group pictures.

    23. And spending all day talking to your best mate at school, and then spending the evening on MSN to them too.

    Paramount Pictures

    Because closeness at a girls' school is a closeness like no other.