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21 Slightly Odd Things Anyone Who Wears Makeup Has Secretly Done

We've all taken secret satisfaction in the grossness of our makeup wipes.

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3. Taken a screenshot of a makeup look to copy later.

You probably have the faces of several people you don't know (but wish you did) on your phone to one day re-create.


7. Taken secret satisfaction in the grossness of your makeup wipe.

My dog just pulled this used makeup wipe from my bedroom trashcan and brought it to me in the living room thanks 4…


14. Or bought new brushes to avoid the dreaded task of washing them at all.

Instagram: @evita424

15. Spent a fuck ton on makeup just to get the free gift that comes with it if you do.

@darkhstylss I sent like $130 in sephora and all I got as a free gift was this 😂😂

16. Developed a friend crush on someone purely based on how much you admired their makeup.

Instagram: @tominamakeup

"Howwwww do you do that? Teaaaaachhhh meeeeee."