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    21 Things All Sweary Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

    "Girls who swear are so unattractive." Oh, fuck off.

    1. "Swearing isn't very ladylike."


    Erm, I'm just as much of a lady as I was five fucks ago, thank you very much.

    2. "You're too pretty to be using such ugly words."

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    3. "Girls who swear are so unattractive."

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    Well, three guesses who else's judgmental ass is unattractive? (it u.)

    4. "Watch your language!"

    5. "Swearing is such a bad habit!"


    I know it's a bad habit, but if I could stop (and actually wanted to), I would.

    6. "You'll never find a husband with that mouth."

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    7. "I think you mean 'pardon my French', young lady."

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    Nah, that's definitely not what I meant, but OK.

    8. "All that swearing makes you sound so unintelligent."

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    9. "Can't you say 'fudge' or something?"

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    Why would I say "fudge" when I could just say "fuck"?

    10. "Urgh, you need to wash your mouth out with soap."

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    Cool, pass me the soap and I'll also use it to wash away the memory of this conversation.

    11. "You clearly don't have the vocabulary to express yourself without swearing."

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    My use of swear words isn't an indication that I know no other words, it's merely a colourful addition to my already impeccable vernacular.

    12. "Ahem, language!"

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    13. "Why do you need to swear all the time?"

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    I just enjoy it, OK! It's fun! There's no other reason! Except when I stub my toe or something, obviously.

    14. "Swearing is low class and vulgar. No lady would swear."

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    15. "I'm gonna get you a swear jar."


    I've been through several. They didn't work.

    16. "You sound so ignorant when you swear."

    17. "I prefer girls who don't swear."

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    And I prefer billionaires, but beggars can't be choosers, can they?

    18. "You're setting such a bad example! What about your kids?"

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    19. "You've clearly got a bad attitude."

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    But I literally just said I'm having a "great fucking day", whatever do you mean?

    20. "Swearing is such a lazy way of expressing yourself."

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    21. "You swear a lot for a girl."

    Thank you.