21 Things All Sweary Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

    "Girls who swear are so unattractive." Oh, fuck off.

    1. "Swearing isn't very ladylike."

    2. "You're too pretty to be using such ugly words."

    3. "Girls who swear are so unattractive."

    4. "Watch your language!"

    5. "Swearing is such a bad habit!"

    6. "You'll never find a husband with that mouth."

    7. "I think you mean 'pardon my French', young lady."

    8. "All that swearing makes you sound so unintelligent."

    9. "Can't you say 'fudge' or something?"

    10. "Urgh, you need to wash your mouth out with soap."

    11. "You clearly don't have the vocabulary to express yourself without swearing."

    12. "Ahem, language!"

    13. "Why do you need to swear all the time?"

    14. "Swearing is low class and vulgar. No lady would swear."

    15. "I'm gonna get you a swear jar."

    16. "You sound so ignorant when you swear."

    17. "I prefer girls who don't swear."

    18. "You're setting such a bad example! What about your kids?"

    19. "You've clearly got a bad attitude."

    20. "Swearing is such a lazy way of expressing yourself."

    21. "You swear a lot for a girl."