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21 Of The Most Uni Things That Have Ever Happened

Complete with passive-aggressive notes in the kitchen, of course.

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1. This student who's already had enough of the lecture.

when you have the friday feeling but you're stuck in uni

2. This funeral for a long-lost friend.

We held a funeral for our friend taken by a relationship #wemissyouadam


5. This innovation in student life.

6. This lecturer's superb trolling.

My uni lecturer has a photo of him sitting on his desk on the window. i paid 9k to these trolls

8. This kitchen tension.

uni update: (I put most of the washing up on top of the cabinets in a violent rage)


9. This Buckfast Christmas tree.

Danny and Kieran might be failing uni but by god they put on a good show

12. This terrifying sight.



13. This ridiculous club shot.

Really enjoying this subtle art thief caught out by a nightclub photographer in Swansea

15. This desperate cry for help.


17. And this clever studying trick.

Desperately trying to trick myself into doing some work

20. This bedroom decor.

Been at uni two minutes and mums already cock blocked me

21. And this person who's probably had better days.

What the fuck am I at uni with?😂😂