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19 Things All Super Polite People Just Get

There's a 75% chance you're either British or Canadian.

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3. Your politeness means it takes you twice as long to compose an email.

You don't want to sound too polite, but you also don't want them to think you're being disrespectful.

4. You have a very hard time saying no.

Things that mean "no" 1. "We'll see" 2. "Yes and no" 3. "In a way" 4. "Could do" 5. "I'll see how I feel"


5. Or letting people down in any way.

Ways to say "I won't be coming" 1. I might pop down 2. I'll give you a text 3. I'll see how I feel 4. Sounds interesting

6. You hate asking people for food, even if you're hungry, because you feel rude.

8. Your worst nightmare is going to a hair salon and being too polite to tell the hairdresser they just ruined your life.

11. You won't allow a sneeze to go by unblessed, even when it's your own.

15. Like really aggressive.

17. You've continued numerous conversations without actually knowing what they're about because you've been too polite to ask the person to repeat themselves.

Mishear once: "Pardon?" Mishear twice: "Sorry?" Mishear again: "Haha, yes, exactly"