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    19 Struggles Of Not Having An Inside Voice

    I promise I'm not as intimidating as my loud voice makes you think I am.

    1. Being naturally loud without an "inside voice" can be both a blessing and curse.


    We can't really help it, but we try anyway because the human ear is weak and fragile.

    2. People can usually hear you before they see you.

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    Which makes you really bad at being ~discreet~.

    3. And you were always getting in trouble for being too noisy in class.

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    4. The volume of your voice means people sometimes think you're arguing with them when you're just talking normally.

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    5. Or that you're shouting for no reason.

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    Which you're NOT, it's just your REGULAR VOICE.

    6. Which means you're regularly told to "calm down".

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    7. You've been mistaken for being "intimidating" because of your voice.


    "Who told you I was intimidating? I'm LOVELY, DAMMIT."

    8. And people generally tend to judge you by the volume of your voice before they've heard what you have to say.


    9. You were probably very good at theatre in school because you had no problems with projecting.

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    10. Chances are you come from an even louder family.

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    Which is where you get it from.

    11. And when you find someone who is actually louder than you, it's such a relief.

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    12. You're a nightmare to take to any location that requires silence or whispering.

    Twitter: @Hvmza_ / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    Ain't gonna happen.

    13. When you're excited, it's even worse.


    14. And when you're drunk, all volume sensitivity goes out the window.


    15. Even though it happens all the time, you hate being told to shush.

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    16. And on the rare occasion you actually take people's advice and try the whole "quiet thing", people think there's something terribly wrong with you.


    17. You can sometimes get self conscious about the volume of your voice because you're scared you might get on people's nerves.


    18. But you've come to realise that this is just who you are, loud voice and all.


    19. And at least it makes you unforgettable.


    To say the least.

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