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27 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Nail Polish

You can’t remember a time when you weren’t searching for the perfect base and top coat.

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1. You change your nail polish so often that even you can barely keep up, let alone other people.

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2. And you feel completely naked when you aren't wearing any nail polish at all.

No nail polish allowed for clinicals! What am I going to do? 😂😭🙈 They look so naked!

"Don't look at my nails, they're under maintenance at the moment."

3. You love nothing more than a well-organised nail polish collection.

Instagram: @froschstuetzpunkt

Ugh, so pretty.

4. And you enjoy catering your manicure to the time of year.

Here are my Halloween design for the last design of the challenge! Hope you guys like them! -Megan 💅🏻

5. People genuinely question whether you're feeling OK when your nails aren't up to their usual "standard".


6. While you admire the skill and creativity that comes with nail art, it doesn't always turn out the way you'd hoped when you try it for yourself.

7. "I like your nails" is your favourite and most valued compliment.

Young Money / Cash Money Records

"Oh, this old thing? I just threw this on after an hour of filing, buffing, base coating, painting, and finishing with a top coat. No big deal."

8. The beauty of wearing glitter always outweighs the effort it takes to get it off.

Instagram: @jessnailzen

9. There is nothing more irritating than smudging a newly done manicure.

Smudged my nails twice😭😭😭 they look awful 😨

Especially when you thought it was dry.

10. And you're frequently reluctant to do certain activities for fear of chipping your nails.

"Ugh, but I *just* painted these, I can't just fuck them up."
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"Ugh, but I *just* painted these, I can't just fuck them up."

11. You have become a pro at creating reasons for why you must buy that new nail polish that looks almost identical to the six others you have at home.

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Perhaps it makes little sense to the non–nail-polish-loving eye, but you can always tell the difference.

12. You can get a little defensive when people question your nail polish habits.


"Why do you spend so much on something so unnecessary?" "YOU'RE UNNECESSARY!"

13. There is no betrayal quite like the reformulation or discontinuation of your favourite nail polish.


14. You can’t remember a time when you weren’t on a never-ending search for the perfect base and top coat.

Seche Vite has been slopped on. If this doesn't work, I'm coming for you, Twitter. Mark my words.

You're always one polish away from discovering the formula for an indestructible manicure.

15. It breaks your heart when a nail polish you barely got to use dries out.

My @ipsy bag came and it's cute but my nail polish was all dried out :(

(Although it's nothing a good nail polish thinner can't fix.)

16. Going into beauty supply stores and browsing nail polishes is one of your favourite pastimes.

17. And clearance baskets are a godsend, because it's the perfect opportunity to buy a new polish without feeling bad about it.

Reason #726262829 why I love #target = Essie nail polish for $5.94 + discount = 😍

18. You hesitate when someone asks to borrow a polish of yours.

Watching the way they mishandle it is almost too much to bear.

Watching the way they mishandle it is almost too much to bear.

19. You sometimes have to force people to look at your nails so they get the recognition they deserve.


20. But there’s always one person who’s just as obsessed with nails as you are, so you send all the pictures of your latest manicure straight to them.

6 hrs away and we're coincidentally wearing the same nail polish #bfftelepathy

They're the only ones who'll appreciate it.

21. Every few days you go through the struggle of picking how you want your nails to be next.


Glitter? Matte? Pastel shades? Darker shades? The choices are endless.

22. Unless you work in a place that doesn't allow nail polish, which is basically torture.

My old job didn't allow us to wear nailpolish , earrings ect lol...Can't wait to let my nails grow.

Only having two days to wear nail polish?! God, what's the point? :'(

23. You're well aware of the importance of peeing BEFORE painting your nails, yet somehow you always seem to forget to do so.


Which means spending ages struggling with your underwear without messing up your manicure.

24. This is your idea of a dream:

@essie. your vending machine game is stong.

25. And this is your idea of a nightmare:

26. Thinking about how much all your nail polishes are actually worth makes you both terrified and unbelievably proud.


Think of all the things you could have bought with that money. Now think of how shit your nails would have looked while buying them. You did the right thing.

27. But you take secret pride in offering nail advice to friends and revelling in the fact you're basically an expert.


"Why yes, I do have wonderful nails, how can I help?"