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21 Slightly Shit Meals Every Student Has Eaten

We've all been there.

1. A sad frozen pizza.

2. A microwave meal.

3. Some sort of meat slice from the hot section in the local supermarket.

4. 40p squash and a handful of biscuits.

5. Beans on toast.

6. A meal that's all one colour.

7. Pasta with shop-bought tomato sauce.

8. And then, once you get a little more advanced, a spaghetti bolognese.

9. Your first ~adventurous~ stir fry from the supermarket's meal deal selection.

10. A takeaway placed delicately on a plate to make you feel more adult.

11. Spaghetti and sauce directly from a tin.

You know you're back at uni when this is your first meal

12. A mismatched meal made from two things you were kinda just craving at the time.

Hey @GordonRamsay... what do you think of @robp1996 uni meal

13. A meal made entirely from supermarket basics.

14. Cereal in bed.

15. Oven chips (preferably after three days of also only eating oven chips).

16. Noodles that can be made in under two minutes and take very little effort.

17. Noodles jazzed up with something ~different~.

18. Microwave rice.

19. A makeshift pizza made from a tortilla, tomato puree, and cheese.

20. A nondescript flavour of soup.

21. And bread. Just bread.

Probably my saddest meal yet at uni

We've all been there.