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    19 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Your Fitbit

    "10,000 steps in a day? Fuck it, I'll walk everywhere! I'll walk to work! I'll walk to the MOON if I have to."

    1. You bought your Fitbit with the intention that you were going to start a better, healthier life and become a "new person".

    2. So you could 100% justify splashing out on it.

    3. Reaching your step goal means walking has a whole new meaning.

    4. And suddenly the prospect of walking miles and miles for no reason seems incredibly appealing to you.

    5. You've followed all of your friends with Fitbits too.

    6. Which has awoken a competitive streak in you that you didn't know was quite so intense.

    7. Because you'll be damned if any one of your other friends *dares* to clock even a single step more than you.

    8. Every lazy habit you used to have momentarily disappears.

    9. You find yourself randomly bringing up your Fitbit in conversations when it's not necessary.

    10. And you've started to see no point in exercising unless your Fitbit is tracking it.

    11. So when you forget it at home, it's an absolute disaster.

    12. Getting your first badge makes you feel prouder than you're willing to admit.

    I took 15,000 steps and earned the Urban Boot badge! #Fitbit

    13. And whenever you don't reach your goals it's almost as if you can feel your Fitbit judging you.

    14. Your non-fitbit friends make fun of your obsession.

    15. You've recently become super interested in your sleeping habits.

    16. And you've definitely thought about using your Fitbit to track other types of exercise.

    17. Or finding other sneaky ways to reach your goals.

    18. But for the most part, you love your Fitbit because it's given you a motivation you've never had before.

    19. So you have no shame flaunting your new toy.

    I love my new Fitbit 😍 Gonna make tracking my workouts EZPZ. Huge thank you to @kzamrock4 for the wonderful gift!

    Worth it.