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23 Signs You're An Organised Mess

You're two entirely different people at the same damn time.

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1. People who don’t know you very well perceive you as super organised and on top of everything.


2. But as soon as they get to know you, your secret becomes clear.


3. You are two entirely different people in the same body. You either totally have your shit together, or you don't.

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

4. Your room, for example, is the biggest giveaway.


It is reflective of you – an organised mess.

5. At work, you’re incredibly competent, a picture of professionalism.


6. But at home, you have a huge pile of laundry that you'll probably never get round to doing.

Nathan W Pyle / BuzzFeed

7. You love buying things that make you feel organised.

Another great way to keep up the façade that you're a wholly organised person.

8. Which is why you buy several planners in the year, then never finish them.

9. And even though you enjoy the feeling of having a neat and tidy room or desk...

10. can never stay tidy for long.

11. Your organisation skills come into play whenever you have to do anything mildly competitive.


12. But having a day of being super organised means you rarely have the energy to extend that to anything else.


"I'll just do the dishes another day."

13. Making lists is totally your thing.


14. Even if you prefer to make the list, rather than actually do any of it.


15. Packing for a holiday usually looks like this:

16. But you're a packing pro so you never forget anything, even when you do it at the very last minute.

17. If you spot someone more disorganised than you, you immediately take the lead.

18. But come into contact with someone clearly more organised than you and you'll fall back quick as hell.


Who can really be bothered?

19. Because seeing an actually organised person immediately reveals to you that you could never do it full-time.

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20. You reject the label of being a "hot mess" because you're always organised when it counts.


21. But when people comment on how clean and organised you are, you always feel like you're deceiving them.

Nathan W Pyle / BuzzFeed

22. Ultimately, you strictly reserve your organisation skills for work and friends.



23. So honestly, being a bit of a mess half the time is the least of your worries.

It just proves you're multitalented.
Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

It just proves you're multitalented.