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19 Signs You're Actually A Fresher Stuck In A Graduate's Body

Still not ready to throw away that student card...

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1. You're incredibly envious of the current freshers about to start their wondrous journey through university.

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What you wouldn't give to be starting again instead of drowning in a sea of your own responsibilities.

2. And acknowledging that you'll never be going back still tears you up inside.

"I wish I was a fresher again," you sigh, scrolling through your Facebook timeline.

3. You still crave naps in the middle of the day.


You haven't quite adjusted to the fact that regular, non-uni life doesn't consist of casual naps at 3pm.

4. And desperately miss the amount of time you used to spend in your BFF's bed at uni.

Life was simpler when you could snuggle in your housemate's bed and discuss last night's antics.

5. While the graduate you is trying to be a sensible adult, your inner fresher is constantly thwarting your efforts.

Somewhere between joining the party my friends are throwing in the kitchen #WhenDidThisHappen and re-re-re-editing my CV. #IMissStudentLife

You're currently in the stage between crazy foetus and grumpy grandma. You'll work it out.

6. You haven't quite grown out of your cider-and-blackcurrant phase.

You've been drinking them for so long that now you sorta, kind of, enjoy them.

7. King's Cup and Never Have I Ever are still your go-to drinking games at parties.

If uni taught you anything, it's how to get drunk quickly and efficiently.

8. You're still subconsciously waiting for a student loan instalment that'll never come.

I'd do anything to be a student again and have a student loan! #bestthing #imissstudentlife #sopoor

It's OK, I'll just wait until I get my next student lā€“....shit.

9. You still think of the year as being broken up into summer, Christmas, and Easter holidays.

Reality begins no more summer no more holidays just. Reality

Instead of an endless stream of working life...*sobs*

10. You still phone your mum about how to do random daily tasks.

"Mum, what gas mark does the chicken go on again?"

11. You still have your student card.

@EttaBond might have to, still got my student card haha šŸ’ƒ

Even though it definitely expired months ago.

12. And you've actually tried to use it.

Tried to use my student card for discount earlier, "sorry, this card is expired", am I now an adult?

RIP, sweet student discount.

13. This is still your idea of a good night out.

Neon and vodka and strobe lights, oh my!

14. These are still a huge part of your diet.

Bargain burgers, FTW.

15. And your weekly shop still looks a little like this.

The concept of a "balanced diet" continues to elude you.

16. You have pictures like this on your phone from a mere few weeks ago.

And you're not even the slightest bit ashamed.

17. Your kitchen still looks like this.

Just as a reminder that you're still as crazy as your first-year self.

18. You spend a significant part of your day on TimeHop reminiscing about the good ol' days.

So many memories are happening on my timehop today #imissuni

19. And every so often it reminds you that uni was the absolute best time of your life.

Take me back :(