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    22 Signs You Suffer From A Terrible Case Of Resting Shade Face

    Do people think you're throwing shade all the time? Then this is for you, my friend.

    1. You're often told to control your facial expressions.

    2. Because your face gives absolutely everything away.

    3. And it's not to be confused with "resting bitch face." You don't look angry or upset. You just look shady AF.

    4. Even when you're just sitting there with what you assume is a neutral face, it looks as if you're throwing some serious shade.

    5. It's worse when you're bored.

    6. Or listening to bullshit.

    7. Or having a meaningless argument.

    8. Many assume you have way more attitude than you actually do.

    9. Or claim they find you "intimidating."

    10. You can’t even sip a simple cup of tea without being accused of ulterior motives.

    11. Even when you're just minding your own damn business.

    12. You regularly look like you're judging people.

    13. You throw more side-eye than you're even aware of.

    14. People assume you hate them on first glance because this is how you look at them:

    King George of the resting shade face, the first of his name, bids you a Merry Christmas, peasants.

    15. So your friends have given you the undeserving title of "the shady one."

    16. People are constantly trying to figure out what your deal is.

    17. Or assume you're trying to start some trouble.

    18. So you've become very accustomed to setting people straight.

    19. And apologising for your "looks."

    20. When you do attempt to look less shady, you can never make it look genuine.

    21. So you've just accepted it as something you can never change.

    22. Because in the end, it's literally just your face. Your wonderfully sassy and seriously shady face.