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24 Things You'll Totally Get If You Grew Up In Southeast London

Don't ask me where my closest tube stop is. Your guess is as good as mine.

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1. In your eyes, there are two types of London: the London where you grew up and "touristy London", where people pay £20 to ride a massive ferris wheel.

2. Your true south London background comes out whenever you tell someone you're from "souf" London.


6. There are plenty of things you recognise as only being possible in southeast London.

Myles: "Deptford is cool, it's like the Shoreditch of south east London." Are you sure Myles? ARE YOU SURE?????


9. You remember when the Cutty Sark was out in the open and readily available to the public (before it got burned down in a terrible fire).

10. Although London is a very big place, you're still convinced that south London is the centre of it all.

South London is the capital of London.

GMT means Greenwich Mean Time means southeast London means centre of the universe.


14. And you knew not to sit on the top deck of the bus at peak "end of school" time.

#GrowingUpInLondon "seats are available on the upper deck"

It's just not worth the hassle, nor the headache.

15. Although there's every chance you've been on a Southeastern train to or from Sevenoaks, you've never actually been to Sevenoaks.

16. You've experienced the cramped and sweaty pleasure of raving in Venue.

17. And if not there, then Tiger Tiger in Croydon, which was basically on the other side of the world.

Instagram: @omalleymikey

You'll never quite get over the fact it's closing, too.


18. You remember the hysteria surrounding the 11-plus tests and the fight to get into a decent secondary school.

19. You've battled the blistering cold to get to Blackheath Fireworks at least once.

And ended up walking a few miles for 10 minutes' worth of sparkles.

20. There is no doubt in your mind that Morley's is the best chicken and chip shop on the planet.

And you remember when six wings and chips would cost you a mere pound.

22. And you know exactly what "Blue Borough" refers to.

If you saw the blue bins and blue signs, you knew you were in Lewisham.


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