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    21 Things You'll Only Know If You And Your Best Friend Are Actually Grandmas

    *smiles knowingly* "Let's just...stay at home."

    1. You both delight in the idea of staying home and cuddling up on the sofa.

    2. And you'd much rather a good cup of tea than alcohol any day.

    3. Unless it's a nice, sweet glass of wine. You can handle that.

    4. Neither of you really like loud noises, so you avoid clubs whenever you can.

    5. But if you have to go out, you take a secret pleasure in complaining to each other about how you'd much rather be at home.

    6. You regularly call each other grannies and neither of you really get offended by it.

    7. You've already fantasised about what you'd both be like as old people.

    8. You're both as terrible as each other when it comes to technology and keeping up with the internet.

    9. You're really, really bad at knowing the lyrics to songs.

    Pray for my sister.. Ain't nothin wrong with her she just thinks the song goes "hotline blink" ..😫😭 stupid ass

    But it's funny anyway.

    10. At a sleepover, neither of you can last past midnight.

    11. And you're both known to end text conversations with "it's way past my bedtime."

    I'm a grandma by heart ❤️ @TaylorThomm

    12. Napping is your second favourite activity to do as a team.

    13. But your ultimate favourite is anything that involves food.

    14. You just generally enjoy anything that doesn't involve too much ~drama~.

    15. You relish in describing anyone slightly younger than yourselves as looking "about 12."

    16. Terrible reality TV shows are kind of "your jam".

    17. You're accustomed to seeing each other in comfortable clothes and practical shoes.

    18. Which is why you'll never understand why people wear shorts when its clearly freezing.

    Because in New Orleans, of course you have winter shorts

    "I'm shivering just looking at her!" you say to one another, wrapped in your ginormous scarves.

    19. You send each other regular updates and screenshots of your pets' behaviour.

    20. Your friendship is largely built upon the fact you find everyone, except each other, mildly irritating.

    21. And despite seeming "boring" to other people your age, all that matters to you both is your bed and your best friend.