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17 Reasons Why You Should Do The Right Thing And Date A Scorpio

Or be best friends with one. Either way, you're winning.

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1. We're upfront and honest, so it's rare that we bother to play games.

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2. Sure, we're intense, but that also means we're intensely sexy.

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3. And have a mysterious allure that'll leave you begging for more.

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4. Which means we're fantastic in bed.

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5. And kinky as hell.

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6. We're fiercely protective of the ones we love, but that's only because we care.

7. And we're very independent, so we're only a little clingy.

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8. We're loyal to a fault.

Spoken like a true Scorpio.
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Spoken like a true Scorpio.

9. And we're known for being secretive, but that also means we won't go spilling any of your secrets any time soon.

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10. We're stubborn, but we won't continue an unnecessary argument.

So we'll let you win most of them.
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So we'll let you win most of them.

11. You can always count on a Scorpio to make you laugh no matter how upset you are.

12. And to get overly excited for you when you're not quite up to the job.

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13. We'll never forget the little things because we literally never forget.

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14. We're resilient af (we get a lot of shit for being Scorpios, and we're STILL proud of it).

Scorpios are the best man give us a chance

15. All the sexiest people are scorpios.

Oh HEY, Drake.
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Oh HEY, Drake.

16. We rarely half-arse a task, which means we'll put 100% into loving you.

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This could be us, but you're not dating a Scorpio.

17. And we're great judges of character, which means YOU must be awesome!

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