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16 Snapchats That Prove DJ Khaled Is The Hero We All Need

Ride with him through the journey of more success.

You may know DJ Khaled from pretty much every rap song that's ever existed.

And if you're still unsure, he's the guy who screams "DJ KHALED!" at the start of every track. It's kind of his thing.

In fact, you may even recognise him from the time he rewarded a girl for her loyalty and intelligence by just handing her huge wads of cash in his music video.

Anyway, recently DJ Khaled has taken to doing much more than shouting on records. His Snapchat debut has seen him take on a job he was clearly born to do: teaching us all the key to success.

I feel like adding @djkhaled on snapchat is one thing I will never regret

Ride wit' him.

1. He's taught us about the importance of dental hygiene.

2. And the importance of cleanliness in general.

The most productive thing I did today was follow DJ Khaled on snapchat. ....

3. He's taught us about the significance of vibes.

4. He's taught us about paving the way to success and making sure that path is clean.

hello everyone happy thanksgiving my life was falling into pieces but then i discovered DJ Khaled's snapchat

5. And he's taught us about the importance of thinking through your decisions, especially when it comes to footwear.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm."

6. He knows a hell of a lot about the key to success.

7. Trust him.

8. He's basically an expert on it.

9. Because all he wants to do is inspire you to be your best self.

10. You've got to appreciate what you've got.

What did I get myself into by adding dj Khaled on snapchat

11. Open that door when it closes on you.

12. Name your plants, check your "angles".

Or your angels, whatever.

13. Look deep into his eyes.

14. Think: What Would Khaled Do?

Studying DJ Khaled's snapchat stories tryna figure out the key to success like.

15. And just do it.

keys to success via dj khaled's snapchat: cocoa butter dove deodorant vitamin c keeping your face clean water apples I see no lies.

girl I'll care for you like dj khaled cares for his plants on snapchat

Adding Dj Khaled on snapchat was one of the best things I’ve done all week.

16. Get inspired. Become the best, most successful you you can be.

Add DJ Khaled on snapchat djkhaled305 and THANK ME LATER. It's the key to success. It's a vibe. So important. Bless up.

Ride with him.