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    17 Reasons Shower People Are Right And Bath People Are Wrong

    No matter how many bath bombs you throw in a vat of lukewarm water, you're still sitting in a stew of your own dirt.

    1. First off, showers are way more practical and efficient than your average bath.

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    They're quick, no-nonsense, and you don't have to wait for them to run before you get in.

    2. If you're showering in the morning, it's a way to feel fresh and ready for the day.


    Can't really bath in the morning, can you? Unless you're prepared to be two hours late to work.

    3. If you're showering in the night, it's the perfect cosy sleep aid.


    4. Baths, on the other hand, are unnecessarily long and the reason your housemate probably hates you for spending so long in the bathroom.

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    5. People who love baths are obsessed with telling you how great baths are.

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    "Omg, I had a bath last night, it was amazing." OK, Karen, I clean myself too, you don't see me boasting about it.

    6. And while they make you think baths are more luxurious, you're ultimately just sitting in a stew of your own dirt.

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    How's that for luxury, Karen?

    7. Movies and Instagram make you think that baths are like this:


    8. When in reality, they're actually like this:

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    Valuable time spent doing fuck all whilst getting more and more pruney.

    9. With a shower you can kill two birds with one stone and wash your hair in the shower.

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    10. And if you shave your legs, you can watch the hair slip down the drain instead of sitting in your body hair water.

    Seriously, how is that not an advantage?

    11. While we're at it, bath bombs are a fucking nuisance as well.

    Today I tried a bath bomb for the first time (shut up). Can't say it produced the most appealing bath in the world...

    They're being taken way too far.

    12. And at least showers retain their temperature. What the fuck is your lukewarm vat of water doing?

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    13. Singing in the bath is nowhere near as good as singing in the shower.

    14. And drunk showering is apparently a thing, which is more than what I can say for drunk baths.

    A drunken bath is probably a very, very bad idea tbh.

    15. Sure, baths may be pretty relaxing, but the amount of bath bombs, oils, and candles you have to buy in the name of relaxation is way too much money and effort.


    I'm not here to fuck around, I'm here to GET CLEAN.

    16. And worst of all, baths do this:

    nhanusek / Flickr: nhanusek / Creative Commons

    If your wrinkly prune fingers aren't a God-given sign that you should stop having baths, I don't know what is.

    17. To conclude, baths are shit, showers — a hit.

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    Do not believe the lies of the bath fanatics.

    This has been a public service announcement.

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