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    18 Products Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Stationery Should Already Have

    The best of the best.

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which products they'd recommend to anyone slightly obsessed with stationery. If that's you, read on for all your stationery needs:

    1. Organise your life with an Erin Condren life planner.


    The Erin Condren life planner has quite literally changed my life! I've never been more organized. It's so customizable and I love the stickers it comes with. –taylord4d2eecf61

    Get it from Amazon for £41.69.

    2. Get picture-perfect study notes with Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners.


    These pens are AWESOME. I use them for almost everything and I've owned them for about 2 years. They still work perfectly! They are cheap and usually contain 15-25 in a pack. –ErinAlana

    Get a wallet of 30 from Amazon for £14.47.

    3. Avoid the harshness of neon highlighters by purchasing a pack of Stabilo Boss Original Pastel Highlighters.

    I find regular highlighters too harsh when I am reading something back. The pastel ones still make the text stand out, it just does it without the neon burning your eyes (plus they're so pretty!) –simonbryonie

    4. Love the look of black pages, but hate the idea of having a page full of wonky handwriting? Invest in a Whitelines Notebook, which offers white lines on slightly grey paper "for a better reading and writing experience".


    They're amazing. They're slightly grey-ish paper, with white lines, and gives the illusion of writing perfectly straight on blank paper. They also don't show up when photocopying or scanning into the computer! –rebekaht4fe0c727f

    Buy the A4 notebook paper from Amazon for £2.29.

    5. Beat the left-handed struggle of smearing ink with your fist by grabbing some PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pens.


    I love how gel pens look and feel, but I'm left handed so gel pens and I don't always mix well. That is, until I found InkJoy Gel Pens. Absolutely life changing. They dry so quickly, never smudge, and make my notes look amazing. – allib470cbef9b

    Buy a pack of 4 from Amazon for £8.70.

    6. Subscribe to a fun stationery service and get sent cool things every month.


    Papergang stationery subscription!!! –r4a3794245

    Subscribe for a monthly fee of £10.95 (+ shipping) here.

    7. Glam up your notebook with some Muji gel ink pens.


    Muji gel ink pens. They are super affordable, work beautifully, and do a lovely blue-black ink. –sootica

    Buy a pack of 9 pens from Amazon for £11.25.

    8. Give your daily life some structure with an Emily Ley Simplified Planner.


    Emily Ley daily planner has improved my life. It has sections on each daily page for your schedule, to-do list, meal plan and notes. I use the notes space to write a brief synopsis of every day. It comes in a nice storage box as well so when the year is done you have a place to store it. –Sarah Perkins, Facebook

    Buy it from Amazon for £53.89.

    9. Start your bullet journal journey with a dotted notebook from Leuchtturm1917.


    Leuchtturm1917 notebooks and calendars. I love the dotted version for my bullet journal (it has numbered pages and an index). I love the quality even though the paper is very thin, but the markers or pens don't transfer on the next page. –bandomgirl

    10. Or if you'd like a no-nonsense notebook you can dress up yourself, try a minimalist notebook from Muji.

    Muji notebooks are lifesavers! The recycled paper is very smooth and soft and they're also beautifully minimalistic. If you're lucky enough to have one of their stores near you, you can also stamp on them in-store!

    Buy a pack of 5 from Amazon for £5.73.

    11. Never worry about making a mistake again with Pilot Frixion Ball Erasable Gel Pens.


    They're my new favourite for putting tasks into my bullet journal and for taking notes. I hate writing in pencil and HATE scribbling out mistakes, so these are great! Just a few quick swipes with the rubber end and you can start fresh, without any eraser sheds. The black isn't super black and they aren't recommended for legal signatures, but for just about everything else they're perfect. And refillable! –Annie Wynn, Facebook

    Buy them from Amazon for £18.98.

    12. Make the pages of your planner extra colourful with some Zebra Mildliners.

    Mildliner highlighters are life-changing. Tons of adorable colors, long-lasting, and don't bleed through your paper! –thesixthstation

    ZEBRA MILDLINERS. They're so pretty and, like the name suggests, they're a lot milder than your usual highlighters. They come in lots of different shades and they're a staple of the studyblr community. –billieboop

    Buy a pack of 15 from Amazon for £15.35.

    13. Transform your student life with a Plum Paper planner.

    Plum Paper student planners changed my life. They are incredible. –Stephanie Tidball, Facebook

    Buy one from Etsy for £24.96.

    14. Get colourful and creative with Magnetips Magnetic Pens.


    Magnetips. Super fun pens and great for those who get distracted a ton. They're a bit expensive, but they always come with refills. –jaimeosol

    Buy a pack of 20 for £39.99 here.

    15. Invest in a decent fountain pen and live your best fancy life.

    Kaweco fountain pens. They take normal sized ink cartridges so not expensive to use regularly, they write beautifully, look beautiful, and will get you lots of comments! (I've found anyway!) The plastic models are by no means flimsy, but are really reasonably priced. I use mine every day at work. –samb42391247c

    Buy one on Amazon for £15.00.

    16. Or if you hate refilling the cartridges, opt for a disposable one.


    Pilot Varsity Disposable fountain pen. Gets the look and feel of a fountain pen, but there's no refilling involved! –claireou

    Buy a pack of 3 from Amazon for £8.44.

    17. Jazz up your journal with some washi tape.

    18. And finally, get unique with your pen selection by taking your pick of Typo novelty pens.

    Every single pen Typo has to offer. –ammakayl

    Pens range from £1.50 - £8.00.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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