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    Updated on Jan 12, 2019. Posted on Feb 2, 2018

    28 Pictures That Won't Make Sense To Anyone But Teachers

    "Great question, we'll come back to that" = "We will literally never come back to that".

    1. When setting a task doesn't quite go to plan.

    2. When your time of peace sadly comes to an end.

    3. When this is a typical working week.

    4. When the class is particularly rowdy.

    5. When you pull this trick and hope no one notices.

    6. When you're forced to say the same thing more than once.

    7. When you're suddenly being ~observed~.

    8. When your students surprise you with their answers.

    9. And you even surprise yourself.

    10. When you have to set firm rules about classroom etiquette.

    11. Because too many distractions can usually lead to a mind blank.

    12. When your work just happens to get left behind.

    13. When your student gives you this texting excuse:

    14. When you're either too busy or too relaxed, never a comfortable in between.

    15. When your students are just as tired as you are.

    16. When an alternative career path isn't exactly obvious.

    17. When your student gives you this look:

    When the teacher asks if you have any questions, but you sit there in silence because you don't even know what you…

    18. When you're struggling to finish your lesson plans.

    19. When you benefit from the Teacher Double Standard.

    20. When you're the one in trouble for once.

    21. When you're at your wit's end with late homework.

    22. When your attempt to take control backfires.

    23. When everyone's sick and there's no escape.

    24. When you have a very selective memory.

    25. When you make a mistake and try to take it back.

    26. When keeping up new goals are way harder than expected.

    Me every night: "I'm gonna get up super early tomorrow and make myself look pretty" Me every morning arriving to w…

    27. When your weekends are sacred but also ridiculously busy.

    28. And when every school year ends the same way.

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