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    22 Pictures That Prove South London Isn't An Actual Shithole

    I mean, we have TREES, ffs.

    1. If you're from south London, you probably know that people talk a lot of shit about your hometown.

    2. And you can't understand why, because to you, south London really isn't that bad.

    3. We have a lovely array of parks.

    4. A plethora, in fact.

    5. And every now and then we even get a bit of sun! (Although, to be fair, that is pretty rare.)

    6. Its probably the only area in London with a decent amount of trees.

    7. And we can be cool too. Look at our hipster art!

    8. Marvel at our edgy pubs!

    9. Appreciate the Cutty Sark, which did get burned down, but then got revived, and looks GREAT.

    10. We even have a fucking palace, for goodness sake.

    11. Contrary to popular belief, south London can be serene.

    12. It can breathtaking in autumn.

    13. And occasionally, we get a sunset like no other.

    14. We have some of the best markets in London.

    15. We have streets glowing with creativity.

    16. And hey – going to a concert any time soon? Guess where you might have to visit...the O2 in SOUTH LONDON.

    17. I mean, how can you possibly say anything bad about south London?

    18. Where else can you get gardens as far as the eye can see...

    19. ...a ton of quaint houses and bougie streets...

    20. ...and libraries that look like mystical towers of knowledge?

    21. So if you're a south Londoner – be proud!

    22. You're not gonna get a view like this anywhere else.