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    22 Pictures That Prove South London Isn't An Actual Shithole

    I mean, we have TREES, ffs.

    1. If you're from south London, you probably know that people talk a lot of shit about your hometown.

    Adrian Scottow / Flickr: chodhound / Creative Commons

    London sky line from Greenwich.

    2. And you can't understand why, because to you, south London really isn't that bad.

    Flickr: nothingtoseehere / Creative Commons

    Rainbow in Brixton.

    3. We have a lovely array of parks.

    Herry Lawford / Flickr: herry / Creative Commons

    Park in Dulwich.

    4. A plethora, in fact.

    Herry Lawford / Flickr: 31138122@N00 / Creative Commons

    Battersea Park.

    5. And every now and then we even get a bit of sun! (Although, to be fair, that is pretty rare.)

    James Good / Flickr: jamesgood / Creative Commons

    Pond Road in Blackheath.

    6. Its probably the only area in London with a decent amount of trees.

    David Fisher / Flickr: dfisher81 / Creative Commons

    Church Rise in Forest Hill.

    7. And we can be cool too. Look at our hipster art!

    Maureen Barlin / Flickr: maureen_barlin / Creative Commons

    Street art in Brockley.

    8. Marvel at our edgy pubs!

    Flickr: artcriminal Creative Commons

    Amersham Arms pub in New Cross.

    9. Appreciate the Cutty Sark, which did get burned down, but then got revived, and looks GREAT.

    Jacob Surland / Flickr: jacobsurland / Creative Commons

    10. We even have a fucking palace, for goodness sake.

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative Commons

    Eltham Palace.

    11. Contrary to popular belief, south London can be serene.

    Herry Lawford / Flickr: herry / Creative Commons

    The Long Pond in Clapham Common.

    12. It can breathtaking in autumn.

    Flickr: 31138122@N00 / Creative Commons

    Kennington Park.

    13. And occasionally, we get a sunset like no other.

    Rachel H / Flickr: bagelmouse / Creative Commons

    Mount Pleasant Road in Hither Green.

    14. We have some of the best markets in London.

    Adrian Guerin / Flickr: 52668969@N04 / Creative Commons

    Market stall in Brixton.

    15. We have streets glowing with creativity.

    Ewan Murro Flickr: 55935853@N00 / Creative Commons

    Mural on Old Kent Road.

    16. And hey – going to a concert any time soon? Guess where you might have to visit...the O2 in SOUTH LONDON.

    Donald Ogg / Flickr: oggd / Creative Commons

    The O2 Arena in North Greenwich.

    17. I mean, how can you possibly say anything bad about south London?

    Flickr: 762_photo / Creative Commons

    Crystal Palace Park.

    18. Where else can you get gardens as far as the eye can see...

    Garry Knight / Flickr: garryknight / Creative Commons

    Coombe Wood Gardens in Croydon.

    19. ...a ton of quaint houses and bougie streets...

    Flickr: 16801915@N06 / Creative Common

    Stockwell Park Road in Lambeth.

    20. ...and libraries that look like mystical towers of knowledge?

    Artur Selisz / Flickr: asalisz / Creative Commons

    Library in Peckham.

    21. So if you're a south Londoner – be proud!

    Flickr: uncoolbob / Creative Commons

    View from Crystal Palace.

    22. You're not gonna get a view like this anywhere else.

    James Petts / Flickr: 14730981@N08 / Creative Commons

    Everyone knows the best view in London is from Greenwich Park.

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