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    26 Pictures That Prove Makeup Addicts Are The Funniest People On The Internet

    When you confuse an Olympic gold medal with a highlighter you know you've got a problem.

    1. This nightmarish incident.

    2. This impressively honest answer.

    3. This proof that the makeup world speaks a whole different language.

    4. And this definition of "important".

    5. This grave overestimation.

    6. This aesthetic difference that only a makeup lover notice.

    7. This blatant disregard for makeup rules.

    8. This frustrating mishap.

    9. And this consequence of your mistake.

    10. This thrill of a new purchase.

    11. This unfortunate waste of perfectly good products.

    12. This genius use of pets.

    13. This grand oversight.

    14. This downside of watching your faves online.

    15. This sad reality check:

    16. This important distance that must be kept at all times.

    17. This random and miraculous apparition.

    18. This display of priorities.

    19. This attempt at "natural".

    20. This proof that there is never enough time to get ready.

    21. This life-changing decision.

    22. This struggle that is way too real.

    23. This shameful secret.

    24. This perfect swatch palette.

    25. This pretty fair misjudgement.

    26. And this evidence that you must never disturb a makeup addict at work.

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