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28 Real AF Jokes That Will Make Retail Workers Laugh Then Cry

If you haven't fixed a display and had a customer ruin it 10 seconds later, have you ever actually worked in retail?

1. Being interrupted by another customer.

2. Being thrown a curveball at the cash register.

3. Having this happen every shift, no matter what.

4. And internally screaming at a late customer not to touch that fucking door handle.

5. Being forced to keep your cool.

6. Especially when your manager's watching.

7. Getting sweet, sweet revenge.

8. And being slightly petty in your bid for vengeance.

9. Cursing every customer's obsession with "the back".

10. And being asked the same question every fucking day.

11. Listening to instructions you've heard a thousand times.

12. Being held against your will when you're dying to go home.

13. Envying all the people who aren't trapped in retail hell on a Saturday.

14. Having constant problems with the card machine.

15. Fake-laughing at your customers' terrible jokes.

16. Having your hard work destroyed.

17. Being asked about the most obvious things.

18. Choosing to take some time off for yourself.

19. Being approached by a customer at the worst possible time.

20. But feeling smug AF when you're not the one having to deal with it.

21. Forcing yourself to put on a brave face.

22. Avoiding customers when you're just not in the mood.

23. Refusing to reject an offer to leave early under any circumstance.

24. Spotting this haircut in any retail shop of your choosing.

25. Having absolutely no fear when a customer threatens to tell on you.

26. Especially when you're the most senior person on shift anyway.

27. Watching a customer deliberately make things difficult for the sake of it.

28. And constantly debating whether or not any of this bullshit is worth it.

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