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21 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Their Eyebrows

"Even Olaf has more of an eyebrow game than me and he's a snowman."

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1. When your eyebrow lady betrays you.

2. When you've had a brow disaster and you can't go on.

3. When you start reminiscing about the old you.

4. And then instantly regret it.

5. When you get your eyebrows done for the first time and you're not prepared for the pain.


6. So you end up being an enemy of your own progress.


7. When your eyebrows don't look quite how you imagined them.

8. Because expectation very rarely meets reality.

9. When everyone else's eyebrows become your own personal obsession.

10. And you begin to find eyebrow goals in literally everything.

11. When an unfortunate accident makes you lose the one you love.

12. When it's been a while since you took a trip to the salon.

13. When your emergency brow appointment leaves you looking a little different.

14. But the feeling afterwards is damn worth it.

15. When your eyebrows are the sole reason you're never on time.

16. So you have no other option but to try some alternative grooming techniques.

17. When one eyebrow refuses to stick to the script.

18. When you're forced to put faith in a stranger.

19. When you forget to rub your eyebrows off before you go in the shower.

20. When you're having a good eyebrow day, and you never want it to end.

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21. And when you finally get your eyebrows just right.

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