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    Updated on Jun 10, 2019. Posted on Sep 18, 2016

    19 Photos That Prove Ikea Furniture Is Actually The Goddamn Devil

    *prays the leftover screw in my hand isn't for anything important*

    1. Ikea is a wonderful place, but building its furniture isn't always easy.

    2. If you're not struggling to assemble a simple chair...

    3.'re struggling to get the furniture home in the first place.

    4. And you're bound to have an existential crisis before you've even finished opening the boxes.

    5. The thing is, Ikea furniture is supposed to be straightforward.

    Twitter: @LilRecordGirl

    Not sure this is what they meant by "straightforward" but sure.

    6. It's supposed to be durable.

    7. It's supposed to be reliable.

    8. So why is it drawers usually come out like this?

    9. Why do stools look like this?

    10. Why do innocent, packed full of potential shoe racks end up like this?

    11. And why do goddamn book shelves look like THIS?!

    12. If you're lucky, you'll manage to still assemble the furniture while clearly missing several key components.

    13. Or forget to include a screw that should definitely be somewhere.

    14. But if you're unlucky, you'll cock it up immediately.

    15. Or even worse, you'll realise you fucked up much, much later.

    16. And by then, it's too far gone.

    17. You have to live with your poor, badly built choices.

    18. And pray that the struggle isn't as bad next time.

    19. Because anyone who's ever built Ikea furniture knows that the struggle is well and truly real.

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