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21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People Who Are Always Cold

"I'M FREEZING!" – you, every five minutes

1. When you're already freezing and someone opens the window.

NBC / Via

Are you fucking kidding?! It's the damn Arctic in here!

2. Or worse, they actually have the nerve to turn the heating OFF after you've just turned it ON.

me bc it's always cold in my house

3. When the arrival of winter calls for extraordinary measures.

I'll take one of these in every colour, thank you.

4. And you realise that it was actually perpetually cold people who invented the socks and sandals trend.

When you wanna wear sandals but your feet are always cold..

5. When you can't sleep because your body refuses to warm itself.

6. When layering is literally your life.

7. When you regularly experience this common problem.

Trying to think warm thoughts :') always cold

8. When you try to enjoy outdoor activities.

Interpretation of my life. I'm always cold.

9. When it doesn't matter how warm the rest of your body is, there's always one body part that continues to stay frozen.

now my coworkers are threatening to buy me one of these because my nose is always cold

10. When you need a personal heater to complement the existing heat in your house.

this is what you have to deal with when living with me im always cold

11. When you have to use your partner as your own personal hot water bottle.

*complains bc I asked him to warm my feet at night bc I'm always cold*

12. When your hands get butt marks from sitting on them to keep warm.

13. When the most important thing to you is finding the perfect oversized winter coat that will basically suffocate you, but at least you'll be goddamn WARM.

Ana wants to buy me a new winter coat for my birthday

14. When you've found the perfect giant scarf to keep you warm in the cold mornings, noons, and nights.

15. When you’re forced to wear your duvet in the office because your colleagues are obsessed with air conditioning.

NBC / Via

Turn it off. Just turn it off and spare my life.

16. When you see it snowing outside and wonder what the hell you did to deserve this. / Via

Please, not snow. Anything but snow.

17. When all your favourite drinks are hot because they're the only thing that can thaw your freezing hands.

18. When your best friend is always hot and you're always cold.

This picture describes my grandma completely she's always cold no matter what time of year it is lol 😂👵❤️

19. When this is your idea of Netflix and chill.

It may be 100° outside, but my sweet @AnneStorms is always cold.

20. When any temperature less than "warm" is way too cold for you.

21. And every year, without fail, you write the exact same sorrowful status.

I haven't changed, always cold in England 😂

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