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21 Deeply Upsetting Pictures Every Girl Will Look At And Say "Fuckkkkkk"

Look at these at your own peril.

1. Getting an eyelash stuck in your eye, but not having a mirror to take it out.

This pic looks deep but in reality I was trying to show my mom the eyelash in my eye and I was crying bc I choked o…

2. Losing the skin on the back of your foot to a new pair of shoes.

Currently have a blister the size of a dwarf planet on the back of my heel. And I may have fkd it up. #yumm

3. Experiencing the stabbing pain of a loose underwire in your bra.

4. Being left with painful strap marks after wearing a particularly tight bra.

John Sommer / Getty Images

5. Getting the most unfortunate tan lines after spending an hour in the sun.

Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

6. Getting a straightener burn.

Swatch of the newest (and unreleased) Kylie Lip Kit! Called Burn K and inspired by the color of a straightener burn

7. Especially when it's on your forehead.

When you burn yourself with your wand/straightener/curler etc <<<<<<<

8. Or burning your hair right off on a fucking hot curling iron.

9. Losing a braid.

10. Walking around with this stuck to your shoe all day.

Getty Images

11. Or leaving the toilet and not realising part of your skirt is tucked in.

12. Getting your hair caught in random objects.

I've just got my hair stuck in the washing line while running away from a bee, this is natural selection?

13. Like your sunglasses, for example.

If you're a girl you know the struggle of getting sunglasses stuck in your hair 😩😩

14. Or getting a hair tie so stuck that you either have to cut the hair tie or pull a clump of hair out.

15. Having an eyelash curler pilfer every last one of your eyelashes.

16. Finding your compact powder like this.

17. Spilling your foundation all over everything.


18. Having chapped, crusty lips at the peak of winter and feeling pain every time you smile.

Getty Images

19. Leaving an inordinate amount of butt sweat on a chair.

20. Breaking your nail in the worst way.

21. And lastly, having part of your outfit betray you.