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    19 People Everyone Will Remember From Their School Assembly

    Stop making me laugh, you'll get me in trouble!

    1. The person who never sang the songs.

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    2. The person who sang too goddamn much.


    3. The headteacher whose time it was to shine.

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    4. The friends that were inseparable.

    5. The friends who were always cracking each other up.

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    6. The person having a real hard time keeping quiet during the silence.

    7. The person whose name was always called out in assembly.


    8. And the people who hated them for it.


    9. The person that always managed to sneak food into assembly.

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    10. The people who always tried to skip assembly.

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    And always got caught.

    11. The person that was always late.


    12. The person that actually tried to answer the teacher's hypothetical questions.

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    13. The group that were always giggling about their crushes in the corner.


    14. The people competing for the last clap.


    15. The goth kid that was 100% done with this assembly shit.

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    16. The teachers that would go to any lengths for some student engagement.

    17. That one person who looked extremely uncomfortable to be on stage during their class' assembly.


    18. The teacher who took assembly way too seriously.

    19. And the person who didn't take it very seriously at all.

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