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21 Photos That Are So Painfully Awkward You Won't Be Able To Look Away

They're almost too hard to look at.

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1. This unfortunate cover-photo cropping.

Don't worry, it's just two people holding hands.

Don't worry, it's just two people holding hands.

2. This awkward assumption.

3. This special ingredient that was thankfully given a miss.

Dodged a bullet with the California roll

I think it's supposed to be "CUCUMBER", but who knows.

4. This ambiguous design.

5. This suspicious water bottle.

6. And this surprise in a water bottle.

7. These direct instructions.

8. This perfect alignment.

9. The missing letters of this CANADA T-shirt.

10. This breakup approach.

11. This cringey mistake.

12. This apparent face-swap.

13. This job description.

14. This delightful ad.

15. This unfortunate coincidence.

16. This cat's sudden resurrection.

17. This painful exchange.

18. This free gift.

19. This ~helpful~ advice.

"Don't be happy, worry," is my personal motto honestly

20. This misinterpreted news.

21. And this complete misunderstanding.