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19 Things Anyone With Shitty Nails Will Understand

Who needs perfect nails anyway? *sobs*

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1. Painting your nails is usually a shitshow.

My nails are so ugly and I suck at painting them.

2. Trying cool nail art doesn't end too well either.

3. You're convinced your nails simply don't have the capacity to grow.

HOW CAN PEOPLE GROW OUT THEIR NAILS!? Like, my nails can't grow out, or it's a mess.

4. Mainly because any time they do, this happens.

Why I go and get my nails done lmao I suck and so do my nails 👎👎👎

5. You've been through every oil, nail hardener, and nail growth serum you can find.

6. Or sought Sally Hansen for help.

You said longer nails in five days, Sally, why are my nails still short AF?

7. But your nails continue to betray you.

8. Chipped nails are a burden you know all too well.

9. As is entire nails of polish vanishing from your fingers.

when the chlorine peels off your nail varnish #swimmersproblems ps ignore my shitty nails

10. You have to deal with random white marks that appear out of nowhere.

What do these white marks on my finger nails mean?

11. And splits in your nails that you don't deserve.

12. Fake nails appear to be the perfect solution.


14. You apologise for your nails in every photo.

I can see all of Pennsylvaniaaaaaa… @funhomemusical (ignore my nails😅)

15. And feel extra jealous of girls with perfect nails.

16. Because your nails don't care about your feelings.

Just broke a nail tryna open the bar fridge at work... Might have a slight problem

17. You hope people don't assume your shitty nails are a reflection of your shitty life choices.

"@ExtraordiNo0ry: Quote this tweet with a picture of your shitty nails."

18. Because it's not your fault your nails have a personal vendetta against you.

19. They just SUCK, OK?!

My nails suck, therefore my life sucks