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16 Meals You'll Only Recognise If You're British And Caribbean

Plantain with everything.

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1. A Sunday roast with rice and peas.

Instagram: @nia_etc

2. An English breakfast with a ~Caribbean twist~.

It's pouring down in the W Midlands, but breakfast is my English - Jamaican fusion including plantain & breadfruit.

3. Beans with toasted hard dough bread, instead of boring "regular" toast.

4. And beans that've been well-seasoned with onions and pepper.

Instagram: @bellel7

5. A Christmas dinner that includes ham, pork, oxtail, and rice and peas.

Jamaican English Blend! Oxtail, Curry Goat, Honey Roasted Ham, Roast Pork and many more ❤️🎄

6. This exact Jamaican ginger cake by McVitie's.

Instagram: @sunnykd

7. With shop-bought custard, of course.

Instagram: @samtyrie

8. Ackee with bacon instead of saltfish.

Instagram: @rayjam18

9. Oxtail or curry goat from a Sainsbury's ice cream container.

10. Bun and cheese on Easter Sunday instead of chocolate eggs.

Instagram: @amavensworld

Or you'll probably eat both.

11. And fried fish on Easter Friday, too.

Easter dinner : escovitch fish, plantains, fried dumplings &a breadfruit. #Easter #fdbloggers

13. And probably purchased from your nearest Caribbean takeaway.

Instagram: @djladylola

14. Banana chips instead of plain ready salted crisps.

Instagram: @nattycamp76

15. Cornmeal porridge instead of porridge oats or Weetabix.

Instagram: @dainty_lisa

16. And a plate full of plantain at every given opportunity.