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    16 Meals You'll Only Recognise If You're British And Caribbean

    Plantain with everything.

    1. A Sunday roast with rice and peas.

    2. An English breakfast with a ~Caribbean twist~.

    It's pouring down in the W Midlands, but breakfast is my English - Jamaican fusion including plantain & breadfruit.

    3. Beans with toasted hard dough bread, instead of boring "regular" toast.

    4. And beans that've been well-seasoned with onions and pepper.

    5. A Christmas dinner that includes ham, pork, oxtail, and rice and peas.

    Jamaican English Blend! Oxtail, Curry Goat, Honey Roasted Ham, Roast Pork and many more ❤️🎄

    6. This exact Jamaican ginger cake by McVitie's.

    7. With shop-bought custard, of course.

    8. Ackee with bacon instead of saltfish.

    9. Oxtail or curry goat from a Sainsbury's ice cream container.

    10. Bun and cheese on Easter Sunday instead of chocolate eggs.

    11. And fried fish on Easter Friday, too.

    Easter dinner : escovitch fish, plantains, fried dumplings &a breadfruit. #Easter #fdbloggers

    12. A patty from a brown paper bag.

    13. And probably purchased from your nearest Caribbean takeaway.

    14. Banana chips instead of plain ready salted crisps.

    15. Cornmeal porridge instead of porridge oats or Weetabix.

    16. And a plate full of plantain at every given opportunity.

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