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    Here's Why Lucas From "Stranger Things" Is The Friend Every Group Needs

    Protect Lucas The Reasonable™ at all costs. (Spoilers, of course!)

    By now, you may have seen and finished Stranger Things, the new Netflix drama that has a large proportion of the internet hooked.


    It's got drama, it's got sci-fi, it's got corduroy – the works.

    And of course, many people have expressed their love for Barb and Mr Clarke, plus a whole host of other characters too.

    But can we just take a moment to appreciate Lucas the Suspicious™?

    Otherwise known as Lucas the Reasonable™.

    Otherwise known as Lucas "I don't trust your ass, but ultimately I'm just trying to help you because I'm a GOOD FUCKING FRIEND" Sinclair.


    Everybody needs a friend like him, OK? Everyone.

    Sure, Lucas' character can come across a bit frustrating at times. He questions everything, he believes nothing straight off the bat, and he's especially skeptical of the show's sweetheart, Eleven.

    Netflix / BuzzFeed

    Look at him. Suspicion in his eyes. This is a boy who's not to be fucked with.

    But isn't that the sort of person you want on your team when EVERYONE'S GETTING FUCKING KIDNAPPED BY SOME RANDOM ALIEN?


    Can you blame a kid for simply NOT TRYING TO DIE ?!


    And if it wasn't for Lucas' hyperawareness, do you think the Stranger Things squad would have known the bad men were coming when they did?


    I mean, really, we owe him.

    Tell me, is Lucas' skepticism not indicative of a boy who knows what he wants in life, which is to live a life free of abduction into the creepy otherworld of doom?


    Does his ~reasonable doubt~ not reflect a boy who's been brought up well and been firmly told not to trust strangers?


    (And has definitely been brought up by black parents.)

    Is he not all of us when we're sick and tired of the bullshit?


    Don't blame Lucas for being the voice of reason. He deserves better.

    And in the end, guess which character is brave enough to sock that little shit alien thing in the throat? IT'S LUCAS.

    But okay, say you're not convinced. You've seen Stranger Things and you're still upset at Lucas for his distrusting ways. Have you seen him in real life? HOW CAN YOU BE UPSET AT THIS FACE?

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Caleb McLaughlin is sharp as hell and, much like the character he plays, clearly has his life together way more than most of us ever will.

    Even in the show he has more style than the majority of the characters combined.


    Because we've probably all seen this exact jacket on sale in Urban Outfitters for £200.

    So listen, friends. Let's appreciate Lucas. He's the friend that will hold your hair back and bring you water while you puke your guts out after a night out he told you not to go on.


    Lucas is important and should be treated as such.


    Shout out to magical black boys everywhere, skepticism and all.

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