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    21 Things Grandmas Do That Prove They're Too Pure For This World

    You will never go hungry a day in your life.

    1. Grandmas are the cutest specimens on this planet.

    2. They know how to make the best of a bad situation.

    Always looking on the bright side you are, Nan.

    3. And they'll always take your side, no matter what.

    4. They're selfless, gentle human beings, who will never let you go hungry.

    5. And they care so much about your wellbeing that they're actually offended if you're hungry in their presence.

    Twitter: @Foolishassnigga / Via Twitter: @LoganPaul

    That's what true love is.

    6. They're gloriously terrible at understanding technology.

    7. I mean really, really terrible.

    8. But their ineptitude makes them even more endearing.

    9. They give the best compliments ever.

    Twitter: @ZaydaBanuelos

    Usually after they've been stalking you on some form of social media.

    10. And you can always count on them for a funny story you can tell your friends later.

    11. Grandmas are never too humble to apologise.

    12. And they'll go above and beyond to make you happy.

    13. Even if sometimes your decisions don't always make her happy.

    14. They keep every single thing you give to them.

    Even if it's a letter in which you call them fat.

    15. And grandmas are so good at looking after things that you'll probably find something from the last decade hidden in the back of their cupboard.

    16. They talk about themselves in the third person because they're regal AF.

    Facebook: torontomapleleafs / Via

    Even when they're complimenting you.

    17. And they're so humble that they often don't realise how hilarious they actually are.

    18. Sometimes the messages they send are ~out of the ordinary~.

    19. But mostly they're just adorable messages that show she cares.

    20. All in all, they are wonderful, hilarious human beings.

    21. And they're too pure for this world.

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