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22 Pictures That Are Literally You When You're Late

"Will likely be a little late because of who I am as a person."

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1. When not even a thousand alarms can help you:

2. And all your preparation means fuck all:

3. When you're way too optimistic about how much time you have:

4. When you're tired of being questioned about your timekeeping:

5. When you hit them with the "omw" text:

6. When you underestimate how much time you have to get ready:

7. Or worse, your friend comes way earlier than they said they would:

8. When you wake up late and think, Fuck it:

9. When you're forced to play catch up:

10. When a "quick nap" makes you miss everything entirely:

11. When your friends can see through your bullshit excuses:

12. And they lie to you because they know your timekeeping is trash:

13. When your eyeliner makes you even later than you already are:

14. When you've got way more important priorities:

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15. When you've got five minutes to make up for your terrible decisions:

16. When you're late simply because you chose to sit on your bed naked instead of getting ready:

17. When all the elements are against you:

18. When you're finally on time for once:

19. But you end up getting a taste of your own medicine:

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20. When your reluctance to even attend means you were never destined to be on time in the first place:


21. When you downplay how late you actually are:

22. And when you'd rather be open and honest than live a lie: