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28 Pictures That Prove Spacing Is Very, Very Important

You better hope your name's not Clint.

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1. This plea for Ted to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

2. This complete and utter bargain.

3. This sign that's a little TMI.

4. This label that escalates way too quickly.

5. This Starbucks cup that proves Clint can't catch a break.

6. I mean, maybe people are trying to tell you something, Clint.

7. This handwritten warning that just wants you to be prepared for life.

8. This interestingly named restaurant.

9. This store that'll give you way more than you bargained for.

Holy tight kerning Batman! #FontsInTheWild @mediatemple

10. This kind of obscure request.

11. This word that can be read one of two ways.

12. This helpful piece of advice.

13. This sign that is a little too upfront.

14. This intensely spiritual lettering at Boots.

Can you feel Him?

15. This advertisement assuring you your PS4 is well within reach.

16. This rather odd instruction.

17. This frankly confusing piece of text.

Saw this on Facebook, thought it said "yam", got confused. This is why kerning is important, folks

18. This shop front that is very honest in its analysis of men.

19. This peculiar assessment of Chris Brown's music.

Think that's what you call a typography fail...

20. This street sign telling you where to see all the action.

21. There's also been a bunch of semi-action happening here too.

22. This sign that will leave you wondering who "Ward" is.

23. This opportunity to assign buttons to allll the body parts.

24. This car's not-so-subtle message.

Dear Chrysler, Forget the Jeep hack, focus on kerning.

25. This very, very ambiguous store sign.

26. "There isn't a screen to touch or a mouse to...what?"

27. This interestingly named nail polish.

28. And this hearty encouragement to spice up your retail experience.

Yet another kerning/gutter fail. #Typography #design #graphicdesign